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Come and spar with the crew!

Sparcrew is a brand-new gym which is always open for new members! We specialize in Jiu-Jitsu now, but are also planning to offer classes in Grappling and Fitness in the future. Sparcrew has many classes for beginners and night classes for working people (20:30 pm).

Rental gis (1,000yen) are also available. We are now offering newcomers one free trial session with a free clothing coupon for your next visit. If you want to get stronger or lose weight, or just want to have fun, please come join us right now!!

Sparcrew is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training facility located in Umegaoka, Tokyo. The team was founded by IBJJF Asian 2017 Black Featherweight Master 3 finalist Tetsuo Ohkawa in May 30, 2019. We aim to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for all members to train and enjoy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For this purpose, our gym offers classes to children and adults in the disciplines of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling, and Conditioning.

We offer members a variety of facilities in our 1stfloor location, including 60m2 mat area, fitness area, lockers, bathrooms, and a Sparcrew brand merchandise shop (coming soon).

Our members range from old to young, active competitors and fitness enthusiasts. We look forward to training with students of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of all skill levels from Beginners to Advanced.



Weekdays 18:00 – 22:00

Saturday 12:00 – 17:00

Sunday Holiday (Open to private lesson & open-mat soon)

Holidays –No instruction is provided on national holidays; open mat and gym facilities available. 


Prices and Registration Fee: 

 Enrollment FeeMonthly Fee*Pre-payment discount
Men  ¥10,000     ¥13,000  6 month – ¥75,000   1 year – ¥150,000
8 Days, Ladies  ¥10,000    ¥10,000 
School Students
(over 18)
  ¥10,000    ¥9,000 6 month – ¥50,000   1 year – ¥100,000
Kids(Age 7-12) Fm Nov. 1st  ¥10,000     ¥8,000 
Guest   ¥2,000       N/A 
GI Keeping Service  ¥10,000We wash and fold your gi after each use
OtherSports Insurance(voluntary) ¥1,850 

*Pre-payment discount for cash is available to visitors from foreign countries only. Please bring your passport and let us take a copy of it. We will treat your personal information with care.



To register, please bring the following material direct to the Academy.

– Registration Fee* 

– Japanese bank book and stamp, to set up your account for monthly billing. (It is possible to pay in cash only if using the pre-payment discount)

– If you are student, bring your student ID.

*When you register in the first time, you must pay registration fee + 2 month’s monthly fee in advance (you may also choose to pay 6/12 months in advance, in which case above discounts will apply).

*After enrollment, monthly fee will be withdrawn starting from the 3rdmonth, so please bring your bank book & stamp to set up your account by that time.


Access to Sparcrew Gym

Sparcrew BJJ Gym

– Umegaoka 1-15-14 1F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

– TEL 03-6413-7753 (Sparcrew gym)

– E-mail

– Odakyu Line Umegaoka Station exit: 3 minutes on foot

– Tokyu Setagaya Line Yamashita Station exit: 5 minutes on foot


Q: Can I come in for a tour of the facility before I sign up?
A: Yes, we strongly recommend you to check out the facility before making any commitments. 

Q: Is there a way to try out a class before signing up?
We offer a one-day trial in all disciplines (you may attend all classes held on that day) so you can experience the type of training you will receive. 

Q: How do I sign-up and when can I start?
A: Come in to the Academy and fill out our sign-up form. Once payment is accepted you can start immediately!